A gift and some exciting news about my upcoming book!

i make time phone wallpaper.jpg

A gift for you...

In the spirit of deepening your spiritual practice and creating time for yourself...

I thought about my own personal time sink:: the internet & my phone.

& then I thought - what if I had a reminder on my phone/desktop to give me a little nudge towards doing the important work?

As I was browsing through the wonderful Unsplash for images for this wallpaper project, I came upon the images that you see above.  Later on, I found out that these photographs were taken by my friend Misty Pittman...and so, serendipitously, a collaboration was born.  

Make time for your spiritual practice.

Click here to download the image for your desktop

Click here to download the image for your phone

So.  I've decided to do something crazy.

I am going to write and illustrate a book.  

Here are the details::


I am Elle North:  I am a creatrix at the core of my being.  My purpose in life is to teach...and I do so here at Drawing Within by teaching courses to spirited students all over the world about Tarot, Meditation, Yoga, & Intuition.  I also am a designer...and build webpages, create ebooks, and manifest logos and promotional material for myself and spirited entrepreneurs.  

This project combines all of my interests:  art, teaching, spirituality, & design.


I am writing and illustrating a book.

The purpose of my book is to guide readers to develop their own spiritual practice...and to encourage readers to take time for their spiritual practice...because that's where the magic is at.


I will be creating the bulk of the writing and illustrations for this book during the month of October, 2015, and will be putting the finishing touches on it in November.  My goal is to have the book released and ready for you to have on your altar by the end of November, 2015.


It is my goal to have my book for purchase here on my site, on Amazon, and in local & independent book stores & yoga studios around the world.  Know of a sweet bookshop or yoga studio that would like to carry my book?  Click the contact me button to tell me all about it.


This is a three-part answer::

1.  As a spiritual teacher and spiritual mentor, the  number one thing that my students and tribe said over and over again is "I want to integrate a spiritual practice into my day...but I don't have the time."  I wanted to make something that would solve this problem...so I brainstormed for a month...

2.  Then, one day, I was walking around a bookstore and I saw, no joke, a series of journals for whisky, wine, and beer.  I thought the idea was cool - you drink, record, enjoy, and remember.  Then I thought -- I would love one of  these journals, but for meditation, yoga, mantras, mudras....

3.  Then, I remembered how having a daily journal for couples (by the ah-mazing Alexandra Franzen) on my bedside table reminded me every night to open up the journal and connect with my husband.  Just having it there was the reminder for a daily practice...

And so, 108 Days of Sacred Intention was born


For this book, I am creating 108 drawings to correspond to 108 prompts for the 108 days.  

When I draw, I like to have photographs as a reference.  At first, I was thinking of taking selfies of myself in certain yoga postures, meditating, and holding my hands in different mudras...but that felt boring.  I wanted the book to be visually interesting and have a variety of people, bodies, skin tones represented.  

So, I asked my wonderful tribe if they would help me in participating in this project.  Within a couple of days, more than 60 participants signed up to be given a photo prompt by myself.  Many of them have published their photo on social media with #108daysofsacred - check it out on Facebook and Instagram to see the beauty that is happening...

I'd be delighted if you would help to spread the word by sharing this link with your own tribe...