A huge update

Hello loves!

It has been a crazy 6 months since I've last updated the blog.  In addition to making a huge move, launching courses over at Drawing Within, and design work...I've sort of forgotten to write about it here.

Here are some highlights of what I've created over the past few months:

Carina Lyall is a mindfulness meditation teacher who sees the beauty and power of the ordinary.  Carina approached me with the desire to completely re-design her website.  I helped her to make the switch from Wordpress to Squarespace, and designed a site that resonated with her brand - clean, simple, and bright.  I helped to set Carina up with a shop, and created some images for her products that spoke to the magic that Carina makes with her offerings. Carina is such a kind and genuine soul...and she's so clear about her mission in this world...you can't help but feel present and in the moment after reading her words. 

I also had the pleasure of working on the the branding and sales page for Carina's course, Awake in the Ordinary.

Elle is one of the most intuitive, gentle and spot on designers I have ever worked with. She gave me more than I could have dreamt of and I feel that she knew me like a close friend. Going from a so so site, to having a space that truly represents what I do and who I am would never have happened without her listening skills and sense of detail. I would never hesitate to work with Elle again.
— Carina of Carinalyall.com

When Tara of Cosmic Soul Medicine approached me about creating an album cover for a totally transformative meditation track, I was totally elated.  I had the honor of listening to the Eon before it was released so that I could have some inspiration while working on the design, and ended up listening to it non-stop on a cross-country flight.  It kept me so calm...while also causing me to be totally inspired.  If you're looking for any astrological insight, Tara is your girl.  She resonates with the vibration of numbers and planets to create truly unique and magical offerings.

Oh, and...Tara is offering Eon completely free over here!

Elle North is a visionary’s dream!

She has a phenomenal gift to fully receive the essence of what you desire, and through such an elegant and empowering creative process....give you MORE than you could have ever imagined!

There are worlds of sensory experience etched within the layers of her work that not only captivate, but somehow translate and give form to that which is undefinable.

I never knew that co-creating with Elle on this meditation track cover would elevate and expand what it could be to such levels.

It truly is an honor to have her essence forever etched into this creation.
— Tara of CosmicSoulMedicine.com
Photograph and design by Danielle Cohen

Photograph and design by Danielle Cohen

Now while I cannot take credit for Danielle Cohen's gorgeous photograph and design for her transformational course, Delicously Embodied, I had the delight of helping out with the automation and gentle proofing of the course.  Danielle wanted ease with the course e-mails, and I helped set up the flow so that Danielle was able to focus on writing her course as opposed to the behind-the-scenes work. Danielle's words in Deliciously Embodied created a huge shift in the way I see my body.  You can sign up for the course here. Danielle also takes stunning photographs...you can see her portfolio here.

Photograph courtesy of Sacred Earth Elements and Naaz Ali

Photograph courtesy of Sacred Earth Elements and Naaz Ali

When Naaz Ali of Sacred Earth Elements approached me with her totemic mala project, it was a perfect match.  She envisioned totemic images to go along with each piece of jewelry as a compliment to her design. I used images from Creative Commons Zero sources that combined in the most ethereal of ways using some Photoshop magic.  It is a pure delight to see these images printed out on paper and paired with each of their respective malas...Naaz' s work truly embodies the sacred.  I love how she works with the energy of crystals to transform her jewelry into true treasures.

Elle does such beautiful work. I wanted some very specific designs for my totem animals, and Elle really went the extra mile and delivered designs that were beyond my expectations! I absolutely love how everything turned out.
— Naaz Ali