Celebrating + next available design time slots

Hello dear one,

As someone who absolutely adores celebrating (it may be one of my favorite words to use because the word in and of itself evokes joy and gratitude within my energetic system), I am just dropping into your inbox today to share some things that I have been celebrating within the work that I do as a designer. 

Celebrating 20 years of web design
+ summer sabbatical


A month ago or so, I realized that I have been crafting websites and playing with different forms of graphic design for 20 years! 

I coded my first website from scratch in 1997 - when the internet was a totally different place. While it was definitely a humble website that was basically a list of my favorite things, the creation process was something that totally lit me up and inspired me.  

From there I went on to design a website focused on educating the public around environmental concerns, and even had a newsletter list where I would focus on a different important topic of the month, like the life + work of Rachel Carson or new innovations in technology.

As time moved forward into the 00's, I started to create websites, still from scratch, that served as a showcase for my artwork, poetry, and photography. 

I became a part of a circle of girl-designers, and we would inspire each other to the point where most of us were creating total re-designs of our sites on a monthly basis.

It was a win-win situation - I got to continue to experience being in a state of creative flow while creating this vessel to share my other forms of artwork with a larger community.

I took a break from the web design scene for quite some time after that, and focused my creativity on visual art for the next decade or so. 

But then web design began to call my name again as I began my journey as a spiritual entrepreneur for Drawing Within. All of the joy, play, and deep satisfaction of building an online space came flooding back to me as I crafted my website for this new adventure, this time on the Squarespace platform. 

And just like that, my love and passion for digital design became fully re-ignited.

It was just a few months into the set up of my own personal online sacred space that other spiritual entrepreneurs began asking me if I could help them with their own design projects. And from there, Drawing Within Design was born.

I feel like I have learned more in the past couple of years than I did in my first decade of web design...and it has been such a luscious and rewarding experience to navigate through a process of sacred co-creation and collaboration with each one of my design clients. Whether I am crafting a full website, an ebook, promotional material, or a logo...the creation process fills me with such awe and gratitude.

I am so honored to be able to serve others in doing this work.

To celebrate the creation of my first website back in June of '97, I am going to treat myself to a 2 month creative sabbatical for the months of June and July of this year.

I am really excited to see what comes forth during this time! I am planning on doing a lot of design play, professional development...and also am hoping to be able to do some visiting of family in England.

This means that if you have been contemplating working with me for a design project, that I currently have just a few spots available for the remainder of the year in mid-May, August, and October.

As I am usually booked out months in advance, I wanted to give you a heads up if you have a design project you're envisioning to co-create together in the upcoming months.

You can learn more about what it looks like to work together by downloading my Prices and Process PDF or by looking through my portfolio.

I would be delighted and honored to work with you in the upcoming months. Tell me about your project by filling out my contact form here.

Celebrating the launch of these projects in 2017!

It's been a busy year so far! Here is a little peek of the digital projects I have been working on over the past few months. Click on each image to see the project live and in action!








Upcoming personal design project
Indigo Insight

Celebrating you!

I am sending so much gratitude to you, for all of your support of my work. Whether you have just joined this mailing list or you have been following my journey for a few years, I humbly bow in reverence to you for being here. It means so much to me.

If you would like to get in touch, feel free to click reply and let me know about any projects you have in mind.

With love,