You're a busy entrepreneur with a lot going on.  You're teaching classes, you're meeting with clients, you're coming up with juicy content.

But you know you could do so much more - and reach a bigger audience - if only you had a little support with the design or technical side of your business.

Well, my spirited entrepreneur - I'm here to help.

My Design & Tech Support packages are a great fit if you:

  • Find yourself feeling stuck or needing tutorials with certain platforms, like Mailchimp, Squarespace, Stripe, SendOwl, or Paypal
  • Need help with small and quick design projects frequently (simple social media graphics, one-page PDFs, image and font sourcing, etc.)
  • Desire guidance with how to set up things like courses and products
  • Are looking to build your team with a reliable designer who understands the spiritual business world
  • Have most of your Squarespace site set up - but just need help organizing or adjusting a few things
  • Need help with adding CSS code to fully customize your site
  • Find yourself asking "how do I do this?" often and want someone there to guide you through the process, step-by-step

Commit to working with me for a six month period and receive prompt and professional design support for your business!

No matter how much we try, we can’t do it alone. We small businesses try to take care of so much ourselves. I was switching hats far too much, causing a ton of stress, and not allowing my business to grow in a way that it so wanted.
When Elle joined my support system, I felt such relief and inspiration. She carefully listened to my graphic design desires, and used that information to create something that I couldn’t have imagined.
She has helped my business uplevel with a gorgeous, sophisticated suite of graphic designs for a program of mine, a series of graphics for my FB business page that share my feelings of gratitude and inspiration, graphics and logos for my website, and fantastic support and guidance for my pinterest page. It has been such a relief to stop struggling over design and allow Elle, with all of her intuitive understanding, create such eye-grabbing, filled-with-meaning design. I am deeply grateful for all of the magic she has created.
— Amy Hendrickson,

two hours of design support per month:  $197/month for six months (PAYMENTS TAKEN OUT AUTOMATICALLY MONTHLY)

six hours of design support per month:  $497/month for six months (PAYMENTS TAKEN OUT AUTOMATICALLY MONTHLY)

twelve hours of design support per month:  $847/month for six months (PAYMENTS TAKEN OUT AUTOMATICALLY MONTHLY)

At this time, I am fully booked for this offering.

Design & Tech support packages are not for you if you are:
+ Looking to have a full website designed for you in Squarespace (see my website design packages and portfolio here)
+ Looking to have a logo created for you that is more than just text (check out my logo packages and portfolio here)
+ Desiring an ebook to be made for your opt-in or course that is more than a few pages long (head on over here to learn about my ebook project plans!)
+ Needing a suite of promotional images created for a specific project (see my promotional image package and portfolio here)
+ Are working in Wordpress and need design help beyond graphic/PDF creation - I only work in the Squarespace platform for website design and tech support.

Are you ready to get the support that you need to help your business grow and flourish?

Here's how it works:
+  At the beginning of our time together, I'll have you fill out an intake form so that I can get a solid understanding of your business and brand
+ At the beginning of each 30-day period, I'll send you an email asking how I can help you this month.
+ While I am working on your project, I keep track of the time.  If I work for more than our allotted time, it will come off of the next month's time frame.  If I work for less then our allotted time, it will accumulate and roll over to the next month.
+ You will try your best to give me at least one week's notice for any project.  However, I am known as a fast worker and can usually provide what you need very quickly.  I may be able to respond to emergencies quickly,  but I also may not be available immediately for your project.