Your logo sings the song of your brand.  It's the first thing your audience sees when they head to your website and discover all that you have to offer.  When we work together, we will co-create a spirited logo that matches the unique energy of your brand.

With my Logo Package, you will:

+ identify your goals, visions, desires, and aesthetic vibe for your project

+ communicate with me regularly during the design process as I send you sample images for your review

+ receive between 3-5 logo options to choose from and then a final draft sized for your website and branding components for you and your team to use to create consistent branding presence

+ stand out on social media with logos perfectly sized for the headers on Facebook and Twitter

Now taking logo projects for July 2019

Logo Branding Projects begin at $800

Not sure what you’d like for your logo?
Logo Branding + A 60-minute Tarot Branding Support Session begins at $950

Are you ready to transform your brand?  Tell me about your project idea.

Please note that as a part of  my personal work, I will not create logos that depict images or symbols that appropriate a culture or religion that does not belong to my lineage or to the lineage of my client.

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