You want to share your message with the world
on a website that is authentic and infused with integrity.

i'm here to support you.

You are a Tarot reader, activist, or creator.  An artist, a blogger, or an astrologer.  

You desire to create a positive change in the world through your work, your practice, and your leadership.

You know the power of listening to your intuition, and understand that showing up as your full and true self is the best way to do your important work.

You're an entrepreneur with a mystical side who is devoted to creating a radical shift within the world.

OTHERS might even describe you
as having your head in the cosmos... 

You know aesthetics are what makes your brand different from the rest. 

In today's visual culture,
so much information about the work that you do is absorbed by your audience through your graphics and aesthetics.

Design is what attracts people to you. 
Design lets your audience know of all the magic that you have to offer.

Let's co-create together

Transforming your visions into digital form doesn't have to be a struggle.

In can be quite fun!

I tune into what you need and interpret your creative needs into a digital offering that feels true to you and your brand. 

How am I different from other designers out there?

My zone of genius plays in the intersection of design, intuition, and teaching. 

The projects I design are truly a co-creation -
they are heavily informed by you, your energy, and the essence of the work that you do. 
I then turn to my own intuition and the support of the archetypes of the Tarot
as I deepen into the creative process. 


It is important for me that my design work and the projects that I take on
are aligned with my own inner explorations around social justice, racism, intersectionality, and lineage.

Therefore, I work best with people who are open and willing to dismantle + reflect upon
racism, gender binaries, cultural appropriation, and other issues within their work and spiritual practice.

Working with Elle has been a journey, in the truest sense of the word. From partnering on an incredible logo that honestly reflects how I feel about the work I do to helping me focus on where and how to begin the website work, Elle is a unique combination of patience, warmth and incredible technical knowledge.

Elle has an energy and approach that quiets the noises, the self-doubt and fears, that so often hold us back from doing what she knows, and ultimately, we realize, we can. ‘It is all possible’. That beautiful, compassionate humanity and infinite patience are just a couple of the reasons I loved working with Elle.
— Van Lee, Van Lee Designs
The moment I first talked with Elle, I knew she was exactly the person to guide me through this process. She is warm, authentic, and spot-on in the ways she has coached me through my doubts and fears on this journey.

Working with Elle has helped me be more courageous. Her patience and gentle trust in my intuition inspired me to take risks with my offerings, copy, and design in ways that feel so validating and magical, and reflective of who I am at my deepest self.
— Favor Ellis, Touchstone

You might be looking for:

  • an ebook to share your story with the world

  • a logo to match the vibe of your brand

  • or a website to serve as a sacred space for your business.

My passion is to use my own intuition to manifest digital aesthetics that feels like a reflection of your brand's essence. 

The outcome of working with me will be something that is in full alignment with you
and all of the energy that you shine into your business.  

Let's explore the visual energetics of your brand in a totally different way

I invite you to take a moment to explore my work.