photos by Claire Houston

I am Elle North...

  • Graphic Designer
  • Intuitive Mystic
  • Claircognizant
  • Tarot reader
  • Yoga & Meditation teacher
  • Stone & crystal lover
  • Energy shifter

 I am a spirited designer who combines intuition with art to create unique digital products for your business.  


Creating a personal website was my first artform.  It all began when I designed my first website in 1997.  Within 2 years had created my first "professional" website - it was geared towards educating people about the environment.  I set up a newsletter that got a surprising number of subscribers, and I was delighted when my website was used for an educational program at a university in California.

That experience showed me the potential of design, marketing, and images.

In college I started working with other forms of art - poetry, painting, and photography.  I designed a portfolio for myself using HTML entirely in notepad.  The experience of coding in that way felt just as magical as moving paint around on canvas - it lit me up.  I soon joined a group of young female designers who at that time were re-designing their websites on a monthly basis.  It was my first online community.

Now, as someone with an online business, I connect to my roots in graphic design and website design.  I feel as though all of my passions: creativity, teaching, and spirituality combine in the perfect way there.

Ultimately, I believe that the spirit of your business
should be reflected the energetic imprint of your visuals.

An image leaves a lasting impression on your audience - whether you have a message to share in an ebook, a new course that you're promoting, or a website to serve as a home for your business - how things look tells your viewer just as much about you as your words.

When I combine my eye for design with my intuition, a certain sort of alchemy happens.  Your brand's energy transforms.  As your visuals shift, so does the vibe that you radiate out to your audience. That's the magic that we co-create when we work together. 

I am here to help you express the power of what it is that makes your heart sing.

Want to learn more? 

Check out my portfolio to see what we can co-create together.