Creating a personal website was my first art form.  It all began when I designed my first website in 1997.  Within 2 years had created my first "professional" website - it was geared towards educating people about the environment.  I set up a newsletter that got a surprising number of subscribers, and I was delighted when my website was used for an educational program at a university in California.  

That experience showed me the potential
of design, marketing, and images.

In college I started working with other forms of art - poetry, painting, and photography.  I designed a portfolio for myself using HTML entirely in notepad.  The experience of coding in that way felt just as magical as moving paint around on canvas - it lit me up.  I soon joined a group of young female designers who at that time were re-designing their websites on a monthly basis.  It was my first online community.

Now, I connect to my roots in graphic and website design.  I feel as though all of my passions: creativity, teaching, behind-the-scenes coding and spirituality combine in the perfect way here.

Ultimately, I believe that the essence of your business
should be reflected the energetic imprint of your visuals.

The moment I first talked with Elle, I knew she was exactly the person to guide me through this process. She is warm, authentic, and spot-on in the ways she has coached me through my doubts and fears on this journey. Working with Elle has helped me be more courageous. Her patience and gentle trust in my intuition inspired me to take risks with my offerings, copy, and design in ways that feel so validating and magical, and reflective of who I am at my deepest self.
— Favor Ellis, Touchstone

An image leaves a lasting impression on your audience - whether you have a message to share about your practice in an ebook, a new course that you're promoting, or a website to serve as a home for your business - how things look tells your viewer just as much about you as your words.

I am here to help you express the power of what it is that makes your heart sing.

I have a special interest in working with entrepreneurs who understand the connection between their personal spiritual practice and global causes such as social justice, environmental awareness, and gender equality.  Within my design work, I am learning more and more about designing from a place of integrity and shifting away from cultural appropriation and a lack of diversity.  I am most attracted to working with entrepreneurs who are interested in engaging in conversation around this with me.

Want to learn more? 

Check out my portfolio to see what we can co-create together.