Booking for July + August, 2019

Drawing Within Design manifests the mystical, the mysterious, and the magical for your business. 

Every project that I work on reflects the essence of the entrepreneur and brand for whom I design.

When we work together, I will:

+ Guide you to discovering your personal archetype and use that information as fuel for your design and vision

+ Hone in on your brand's audience and tune in to what inspires your clients

+ Learn what inspires you with the creation of a private Pinterest vision board

+ Listen to your brand's story and what you desire for your particular project

+ Transform your content with visuals that match your mission and your vibe

+ Connect with you every step of the way as we co-create your special imagery together

+ Discover your biggest dreams for where you would like your business to go - and then help you to get there

When everything comes together, it feels deliciously and utterly YOU.  One of my cleints has described the first time she saw the images that I created for her as "a coming home" - and I know that you'll feel the same way. 

Scroll down to journey through what I have to offer.