A website is a sacred place for your business to dwell.  It sets the tone for your brand, visually tells your story, and inspires your audience.  I see websites as an altar of sorts, and understand the need to have everything come together in a way that matches your vision.

Please note that I design exclusively in Squarespace and am a Squarespace Circle Member.

With my Website Package, you will:

  • identify your goals, visions, desires, and aesthetic vibe for your project
  • find clarity around your branding
  • connect with me for two 45-minute clarity sessions to solidify your vision
  • communicate with me regularly during the design process as I send you sample pages + images for your review
  • receive a logo that matches the energy of your brand
  • approve up to three revisions per page on your site
  • feel confident in making revisions to your site with my personalised Squarespace tutorial suite
  • receive unlimited technical support for 1 week after hand-off

Basic Site Design Projects begin at $3000 | Projects without logo design begin at $2500

Payment plans available

Squarespace Guidance priced per project

Click here to connect with me and to book your free introductory visioning call

Please contact me in advance, as I am often booking projects 6+ months out.


Select Projects:

Elle is one of the most sincere, intuitive, intelligent and sweet humans I know. When I needed support for creating a new web site, she was a total yes and fully down with what I was seeking. It was a true joy to work with her. She went above and beyond anything I could have asked for. She’s fast, clever, flexible, inspired and creates profound and sacred cyber spaces. My website is a place that not only holds my business but also holds my heart. She got that completely and worked so hard to make it perfect for me- and for that I am so grateful.
— MaryBeth Bonfiglio
Elle is one of the most intuitive, gentle and spot on designers I have ever worked with. She gave me more than I could have dreamt of and I feel that she knew me like a close friend. Going from a so so site, to having a space that truly represents what I do and who I am would never have happened without her listening skills and sense of detail. I would never hesitate to work with Elle again.
— Carina Lyall, www.carinalyall.com
I wanted to birth my site in a magical, feminine, sisterly way that allowed the entire process to be fun and inspiring. I desired to collaborate with a powerful creatrix who intuitively understood me and whom I felt as if I had known for lifetimes. Enter Elle North. Elle not only solidified my belief in how we can work as soulful, feminine, loving entrepreneurs, but she listened to my soul and created a website that is so in alignment with me and my vision that my heart melts with love every time I visit my virtual home.
— Sora Surya No, www.sorasuryano.com
Elle’s sweet, kind, patient demeanor made making a website so much fun! Her keen sense of intuition guided her clearly in creating something unique that truly matched who I am and what I’m offering to the world. I’m so excited about my new site, over the moon. It’s gorgeous and easy to navigate. Elle took the time to explain everything to me with ease. I highly recommend this beautiful soul! It was an honor to work with her.
— Krystal Kinnunen
Working with Elle was the most rewarding process of co-creation.
She is intuitive, wicked smart, and able to take all the parts and pieces of ideas and desire and turn them into a piece of art that is also a website that feels like a home to settle into and explore with wonder and ease.
She was there through every stage of the design and development process, and worked in such a way that I was given the tools I need for continued success.
She brings clear articulation, a capacity to take the sharp pointed parts of technical savvy and translate them into language that could land in me, and she had a way of connecting through the process that felt like the most perfect embrace of warm milk and whiskey.
I could not be happier with her professionalism and insight, the design she created and implemented, and with her process of creation.
— Isabel Faith Abbott, www.isabelabbott.com

Personal Projects:


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